The LF-10 is proven worldwide in hard rock mining and tunneling and has a capacity of 10 tons. The LF-10 is available both with an air-cooled as well as with a water-cooled engine. The newly re-engineered vehicle meets the highest standards in safety, ergonomics and maintainability. The machine is characterized by a robust and simple design and thus enables very low operating costs at a very high performance. In conjunction with the dump trucks MK-A20 or MK-A35 an efficient development in the tunnel or in the mine is guaranteed.


  • Compact and powerful design
  • Hard rock and tunnelling applications
  • Great power to weight ratio
  • Extremely robust GHH frame and system design resulting in lowest operating cost
  • Customized buckets optimized for hard and soft rock mines available
  • Options such as payload weighing system or bucket shaker
  • Efficient combination with MK-A20 or MK-A35 dumper


Information about water-cooled version can be found in the data sheet that can be downloaded on this website under Downloads.
  • Main Dimensions
    Length (tramming position) 9 363 mm
    Length (loading position) 9 686 mm
    Width (at cabin) 2 600 mm
    Width (at drive unit) 2 450 mm
    Width (at bucket) 2 450 mm
    Height, laden (above drive unit)1 826 mm
    Height, laden (above driver's canopy)2 372 mm
    Max. tipping height 2 050 mm
    Bucket capacity (SAE, heaped) 4.5 m³
  • Tramming Capacities
    Max. tramming speed (laden fwd/rev, on level road)
    1st gear 4.5 km/h
    2nd gear 9.2 km/h
    3rd gear 15.4 km/h
    4th gear 25.0 km/h
    Maximum admissible gradient25%
    Maximum tractive force 217 kN
  • Weights
    Deadweight 26 720 kg
    Payload 9 500 kg
    Front axle, unladen 11 980 kg
    Rear axle, unladen 14 740 kg
    Front axle, laden 26 710 kg
    Rear axle, laden 9 510 kg
  • Engine
    Manufacturer Deutz
    Type F10L413FW
    Design Air cooled diesel engine
    Power 170 kW / 2 300 min-1
    Air intake systemDry air filter
    Exhaust system Catalyst, silencer
    Starter power/voltage 6.6 kW / 24 V
    Three-phase alternator/voltage55 A / 28 V
  • Drive Train
    Torque converter
    Manufacturer Dana
    Type Series 8 000
    Design Single stage
    Power shift transmission
    Manufacturer Dana
    Type Series 32 000
    Design Four gears forward / reverse
  • Axles
    Front axle Rigid planetary axle
    Rear axle Rigid planetary axle
    Manufacturer Kessler
    Type D102
    Differential Lim. Slip
  • Wheels and Tires
    Front wheels
    Rim size 13.0 - 25 / 2.5
    Tire size 18.0 - 25
    Tire pressure 6.0 ± 0.1 bar
    Rear wheels
    Rim size 13.0 - 25 / 2.5
    Tire size 18.0 - 25
    Tire pressure 3.5 ± 0.1 bar
  • Brakes (Service and Parking)
    DesignMulti disk spring brake (SAHR)
  • Steering
    DesignSwivel joint hydr. power steering
    Steering angle± 40°
    Outer turn radius6 560 ± 200 mm
    Inner turn radius3 400 ± 200 mm
  • Steering Hydraulic System
    Pump displacement volume80 cm³/rev
    System pressure 175 bar
    Number of steering cylinders 2
  • Dump / Hoist Hydraulic System
    Pump displacement volume80 + 26 cm³/rev
    System pressure 230 bar
    Number of lift cylinders2
    Number of dump cylinders1
    Boom raising time 5.9 s
    Bucket raising, from dumping position 5.5 s
  • Filling Volumes
    Fuel tank 320 l
    Hydraulic tank 390 l
    Engine with oil filter 32 l
    Torque converter / power shift transmission circuit 36 l
    Front axle differential 28 l
    Front axle planetary gear2 x 6 l
    Rear axle differential 28 l
    Rear axle planetary gear 2 x 6 l
  • Electrical Equipment
    Operating voltage 24 V
    Battery 2 x 12 V / 180 Ah
  • Lighting System
    Main / reverse headlights75 / 70 W
    Additional headlights 70 W
  • Options
    Central lubrication systemRide control
    Fire suppression manual / auto Camera system
    Spare wheel Collision avoidance system
    Ejector bucket Air condition
    Side tipping bucket Heating system
    Armoured bucket teeth High altitude kit
    Ground engagement tools (G.E.T.) Aggressive environment kit
    Payload weighing systemRadio remote control
    Bucket shaker Optional differential combinations available