The new generation of the LF-14 is the most powerful LHD in the 14 ton class and achieves highest performance. The machine concept strictly follows the “keep is safe and simple” approach and thus guarantees highest availabilities. With a large footbox, ergonomically arranged controls and an excellent visibility, the vehicle meets the highest ergonomic standards. Its clear layout and centrally arranged service points guarantee very good maintainability. The Z-link is optimized for high breakout forces, low cycle times and loading of dump trucks.


  • Compact and powerful design
  • Great power to weight ratio
  • Proven technology only
  • Extremely robust GHH frame and system design resulting in lowest operating cost
  • Z-link design ensures high break out force, less wear resulting in > 20% higher lifetime compared to competition
  • Customized buckets optimized for hard and soft rock mines available
  • Options such as payload weighing system or bucket shaker
  • Efficient combination with MK-A35 dumper


  • Main Dimensions
    Length (tramming position)10 771 mm
    Length (loading position)11 093 mm
    Width (at cabin)2 700 mm
    Width (at drive unit)2 600 mm
    Width (at bucket)2 800 mm
    Height, laden (above drive unit)1 978 mm
    Height, laden (above driver's canopy)2 477 mm
    Max. tipping height2.428 mm
    Standard bucket capacity (SAE, heaped)5.4 m³
  • Tramming Capacities
    Max. tramming speeds (laden fwd/rev, on level road)
    1st gear4.7 km/h
    2nd gear8.7 km/h
    3rd gear14.5 km/h
    4th gear26.3 km/h
    Maximum admissible gradient25%
    Maximum tractive force356 kN
  • Weights
    Operating weight38 500 kg
    Payload capacity14 000 kg
    Front axle, empty17 205 kg
    Rear axle, empty21 795 kg
    Front axle, loaded39 112 kg
    Rear axle, loaded13 888 kg
  • Engine

     110 A / 28 V

    DesignWater cooled diesel engine
    Power285 kW / 1 900 min-1
    Air intake systemDry air filter
    Exhaust systemCatalyst, silencer
    Starter power / voltage7 kW / 24 V
    Alternator current / voltage110 A / 28 V
    Engine optionVolvo TAD1371VE (EPA Tier 4 / EU Stage IV)
    Power285 kW / 1 900 min-1
    Exhaust systemSCR
  • Drive Train
    Torque converter
    TypeTE 32
    DesignSingle stage converter with lock-up four gears forward/revers
    Manufecturer Rötelberg
  • Axles
    Front axleRigid planetary axle
    TypeD106 NLB-FS
    Designlim. slip
    Rear axleRigid planetary axle
    TypeD106 NLB-FS
    Designlim. slip
  • Wheels and Tires
    Front wheels
    Rim size22.00 - 25 / 3.0
    Tire size26.5 - 25
    Tire pressure7.0 ± 0,1 bar
    Rear wheels
    Rim size22.00 - 25 / 3.0
    Tire size26.5 - 25
    Tire pressure5.0 ± 0,1 bar
  • Brakes
    Design ServiceMulti disk brake, hydr. actuated, ext. cooled
    Design ParkingMulti disk spring brake (SAHR)
  • Steering
    DesignHydraulic articulated power steering
    Steering angle± 44°
    Outer turn radius7 124 mm
    Inner turn radius3 570 mm
  • Steering Hydraulic System
    System pressure280 bar
    Number of steering cylinders2
  • Dump / Hoist Hydraulic System
    System pressure280 bar
    Number of hoist cylinders2
    Number of dump cylinders1
    Boom raising time7.4 s
    Boom lowering time4.1 s
    Tipping time2.9 s
  • Filling Volumes
    Fuel tank410 l
    Hydraulic tank400 l
  • Electrical Equipment
    Operating voltage24 V
    Battery2 x 12 V / 180 Ah
  • Lighting System
    Main / reverse headlightsLED
    Additional headlightsLED
  • Main Options
    Central lubrication systemRide control
    Fire suppression manual / autoCamera system
    Spare wheelCollision avoidance systems
    Ejector bucketAir condition
    Side tipping bucketHeating system
    Armoured bucket teethHigh altitude kit
    Ground engagement tools (G.E.T)Aggressive environment kit
    Payload weighing systemRadio remote control
    Bucket shakerOptional differential combinations available