GHH offers electric LHD with capacities ranging from 10 to 21 tons. Furthermore, all electric LHDs are equipped with an active drum control which ensures an orderly winding, whereby a long service life of the cable is reached due to low tensile forces. The electric LHD offer particular advantages in underground applications through its emission-free drive and are therefore especially suitable for projects where ventilation is critical. Further advantages of the electric LHDs result from a low noise level. A constant torque and the resulting dynamics allow for more efficient loading of the muck pile. Furthermore, economic benefits result from a high reliability and a long life span of the drive components. This means fewer spare parts and lower maintenance costs and hence lower overall operating costs. The electric LHDs of GHH Fahrzeuge are equipped with the proven hydrostatic Efficient Drive System (EDS), which ideally complements to the electric motor running at a constant speed due to its continuous variable transmission. In connection with an intelligent monitoring system efficiencies are increased and consequently power consumption is reduced significantly. Minimized brake and tire wear as well as simple maintainability are main characteristics of this LHD class.


ModelCapacity [kg | m³ | yd³]Operating Weight [kg]Power [kW]
LF-10HE10.000 | 4.0 – 5.5 | 5.2 – 7.231.300170
LF-14HE14.000 | 8.5 | 11.141.300200
LF-21HE21.000 | 10.5 – 14.0 | 13.7 – 18.358.600315