The LF-14HE with the proven EDS drive train guarantees high efficiency and ergonomics through the unique combination of the electric drive and the continuous variable hydrostatic transmission. The machine is optimized for the harsh conditions of underground soft-rock and hard rock mining. The vehicle meets the highest standards of ergonomics and maintainability. The machine is characterized by a robust and simple design and thus enables very low operating costs at a very high performance. The LF-14HE is equipped with an active drum drive which ensures a controlled winding as well as a long durability of the cable due to lower tensile forces.


  • Compact and powerful design
  • Efficient Drive System (EDS) for highest productivity and reduced maintenance costs
  • T-link design ensures high break out force, less wear resulting in > 20% higher lifetime compared to competition
  • Semi-automatic loading mode (TIMO) simplifies and speeds up loading
  • Advanced controls and condition monitoring systems
  • Electronic brake for high ergonomics and safety
  • Extremely robust GHH frame and system design resulting in lowest operating cost
  • Load sensing hydraulics for lower oil temperatures and higher energy efficiency


  • Main Dimensions
    Length (tramming position) 11 743 mm
    Length (loading position) 11 978 mm
    Width (at cabin) 3 340 mm
    Width (at drive unit) 2 980 mm
    Width (at bucket) 4 000 mm
    Height, laden (above drive unit)1 911 mm
    Height, laden (above driver's canopy)1 937 mm
    Max. tipping height 683 mm
    Bucket capacity (SAE, heaped) 8.5 m³
  • Tramming Capacities
    Max. tramming speed 16 km/h
    (laden fwd/rev, on level road)
    Maximum admissible gradient28%
    Maximum transverse slope15%
    Maximum tractive force 322 kN
  • Weights
    Deadweight 41 300 kg
    Payload 12 000 kg
    Front axle, unladen 17 700 kg
    Rear axle, unladen 23 600 kg
    Front axle, laden 35 448 kg
    Rear axle, laden 17 852 kg
  • Engine
    Design Three-phase asynchronous
    Max. output200 kW
    Rotation speed1 485 min-1
    Nominal current139 A
    Protection classIP 55
  • Drive Train
    Pump distribution gearbox
    Manufacturer Stiebel
    Type 4387
    Design Helical gearbox
    Axle distribution gearbox
    Manufacturer Rögelberg
    Type 6127
    Design Helical gearbox
  • Axles
    Front axle Rigid planetary axle
    Manufacturer Kessler
    Rear axle Rigid planetary axle
    Type D106
    Design Standard
  • Wheels and Tires
    Front wheels
    Rim size 22.00 - 29 / 3.0
    Tire size 26.5 - 25
    Tire pressure 6.5 ± 0,1 bar
    Rear wheels
    Rim size 22.00 - 29 / 3.0
    Tire size 26.5 - 25
    Tire pressure4.5 ± 0,1 bar
  • Brakes (Service and Parking)
    DesignMulti disk spring brake (SAHR)
  • Steering
    DesignSwivel joint hydr. power steering
    Steering angle± 40°
    Outer turn radius8 173 ± 250 mm
    Inner turn radius3 684 ± 250 mm
  • Steering Hydraulic System
    Pump displacement volume45 cm³/rev
    System pressure 175 bar
    Number of steering cylinders 2
  • Dump / Hoist Hydraulic System
    Pump displacement volume3 x 45 cm³/rev
    System pressure 195 bar
    Number of hoist cylinders2
    Number of dump cylinders1
    Boom raising time 10.0 s
    Bucket raising, from dumping position 6.0 s
  • Filling Volumes
    Hydraulic tank 670 l
    Front axle differential 44 l
    Front axle planetary2 x 6.0 l
    Rear axle differential44 l
    Rear axle planetary2 x 6.0 l
    Pump distribution gearbox6.4 l
    Axle distribution gearbox 8.0 l
    Angular gear, cable drum 2.7 l
  • Main power
    Operating voltage 3 AC 1 000 V
    Frequency 50 Hz
  • Cable drum
    Manufacturer Böhlitz-Ehrenberg
    Cable length 230 m
  • Lighting System
    Main / reverse headlights75 / 70 W
    Additional headlights (LED)6 - 60 W
  • Options
    Central lubrication systemCamera system
    Fire suppression manual / auto Collision avoidance systems
    Ride control Air condition
    Ejector bucket Heating system
    Side tipping bucketPressurized cabin
    Armoured bucket teeth Aggressive environment kit
    Ground engagement tools (G.E.T) Spare wheel
    Payload weighing systemPower box
    Bucket shaker Cable