The SLP-3H has been specially designed as a cleaning loader for soft rock mining. The operator’s cabin is placed as far in the front as possible to guarantee a good view on the bucket for efficient cleaning operations. The low profile and compact design of the machine ensures a good view in all directions, even in in low seam heights. The vehicle has a high maneuverability and reversibility for operations in narrow areas at the face. The hydrostatic drive EDS is optimized for the tough conditions in underground mining and guarantees a significant increase in efficiency as well as in productivity in comparison with the conventional hydrodynamic drive. In combination with an intelligent monitoring system a simple operability and maintainability is guaranteed. Its low operating cost result from reduced fuel consumption, very low brake and tire wear as well as a high robustness of the system. The SLP-3H is equipped with a two speed gearbox for a quick transfer between different work locations. The eco-friendly engine meets the highest emission standard EU Stage IV and EPA Tier 4 final, thus reducing the requirement for underground ventilation to a minimum.


  • Cleaning loader for small sections
  • Superior visibility and maneuverability
  • Super low vehicle height of 1 700 mm
  • Efficient Drive System (EDS) for highest productivity and reduced maintenance costs
  • Two speed gearbox for fast transfer between work sites
  • Intuitive two pedal control for quick reversing
  • Advanced controls and condition monitoring systems
  • Extremely robust GHH frame and system design resulting in lowest operating cost
  • Load sensing hydraulics for lower oil temperatures and higher energy efficiency


  • Main Dimensions
    Length (tramming position)7 348 mm
    Length (loading position)mm
    Width (at cabin)2 413 mm
    Width (at drive unit)3 180 mm
    Width (at bucket)2 650 mm
    Height, laden (above drive unit)1 380 mm
    Height, laden (above driver's canopy)1 700 mm
    Standard bucket capacity (SAE, heaped)1.2 m³
  • Tramming Capacities
    Max. tramming speed
    (laden fwd/rev, on level road)
    12 / 29 km/h
    Maximum admissible gradient28%
    Maximum transverse slope15%
    Maximum tractive force97 kN
  • Weights
    Operating weight15 280 kg
    Payload capacity4 000 kg
    Front axle, empty6 670 kg
    Rear axle, empty8 610 kg
    Front axle, loaded12 260 kg
    Rear axle, loaded7 020 kg
  • Engine
    TypeTCD 3.6 L4
    DesignWater cooled diesel engine
    Power97 kW / 2 200 min-1
    Air intake systemDry air filter
    Exhaust systemSCR
    Starter power / voltage4.0 kW / 24 V
    Alternator current / voltage100 A / 28 V
    Emission standardEPA Tier 4f / EU Stage IV
  • Drive Train
    Pump distribution gearbox
    DesignHelical gearbox
    Axle distribution gearbox
    DesignHelical gearbox
  • Axles
    Front axleRigid planetary axle
    Rear axleRigid planetary axle
  • Wheels and Tires
    Front wheels
    Rim size8.50 - 24
    Tire size12.00 R 24
    Tire pressure7.0 bar
    Rear wheels
    Rim size8.50 - 24
    Tire size12.00 R 24
    Tire pressure5.5 bar
  • Brakes (Service and Parking)
    DesignMulti disk spring brake (SAHR)
  • Steering
    DesignHydraulic articulated power steering
    Steering angle± 42.5°
    Outer turn radius5 600 ± 200 mm
    Inner turn radius2 739 ± 200 mm
  • Steering Hydraulic System
    Pump displacement volume133 cm³/rev
    System pressure225 bar
    Number of steering cylinders2
  • Dump / Hoist Hydraulic System
    Pump displacement volume133 cm³/rev
    System pressure225 bar
    Number of hoist cylinders1
    Number of dump cylinders1
    Boom raising time2.5 s
    Bucket raising, from dumping position3.9 s
  • Filling Volumes
    Fuel tank100 l
    Hydraulic tank350 l
    Engine with oil filter9 l
    Front axle differential19 l
    Front axle planetary gear2 x 4.0 l
    Rear axle differential19 l
    Rear axle planetary gear2 x 6.0 l
    Pump transfer caseapprox. 7.0 l
    Axle transfer caseapprox. 8.0 l
  • Electrical Equipment
    Operating voltage24 V
    Battery2 x 12 V / 50 Ah
  • Lighting System
    Main / reverse headlightsLED
    Additional headlightsLED
  • Main Options
    Central lubrication systemCollision avoidance systems
    Fire suppression manual / autoSpare wheel
    Bucket sizes