The new LF-21HB is the largest shearing scaler for a scaling height of up to 11 m. The highly efficient work principle of the shearing scalers is combined with the proven hydrostatic drive EDS, which enables quick reversing as well as sensitive roof and side wall scaling. In comparison with conventional impact scalers the shearing principle drastically increases scaling performance in soft rock applications and provides a high quality scaling and safer underground work environment. In order to grant high stability the machine is based on the newly developed LF-21H (21 t LHD). The cabins are designed for an extremely high load and provide a very good overview in all working conditions – in particular at the scaling tools. The intelligent scaling safety system protects both the operator and machine during operation. The eco-friendly engine complies with the highest emission standard EU Stage IV and EPA Tier 4 final, thus minimizing the need for ventilation. The focus is on ergonomics with a large foot box, two-pedal control with an inch-function and controls adjustable for all operator sizes. A great variety of optional assistance systems such as collision avoidance and camera systems grant a high safety standard in a complex work environment.