The MK-A20LP is the ideal dumper for low profile mining. For a productive and economic material haulage for longer distances the MK-A20LP is the ideal solution due to its robust design and high stability. This vehicle combines high reliability with a long service life and further guarantees a good maintainability due to the robust and simple design. The MK-A20LP can be loaded by an SLP 6, SLP-8 or an SLP-8H with ejector buckets.


  • Super low vehicle height of 1.689 mm
  • Based on worldwide proven MK-A20
  • Compact, simple and powerful design
  • Great power to weight ratio
  • Designed for toughest hard rock applications
  • ROPS / FOPS certified cabin
  • Extremely robust GHH frame and system design resulting in lowest operating cost
  • Proven technology only
  • Customized body designs and sizes available
  • Efficient combination with SLP-6, SLP-8 and SLP-10 LHDs


  • Main Dimensions
    Length9 012 mm
    Width (at body)3 200 mm
    Height, laden (at body)1 689 mm
    Height, laden (above cabin)1 689 mm
    Standard body capacity (SAE heaped)9.5 m³
  • Tramming Capacities
    Max. tramming speed (laden fwd/ rev on level road)
    1st gear4.5 km/h / 4.8 km/h**
    2nd gear9.5 km/h / 10.0 km/h**
    3rd gear16.0 km/h / 17.5 km/h**
    4th gear26.5 km/h / 29.5 km/h**
    Max. admissible gradient25%
    ** Converter / Lock-up mode
  • Weights
    Operating weight18 955 kg
    Max. payload capacity20 000 kg
    Front axle, empty14 850 kg
    Rear axle, empty4 105 kg
    Front axle, loaded20 150 kg
    Rear axle, loaded18 850 kg
  • Engine
    DesignWater cooled diesel engine
    Power output181 kW / 2 300 min-1
    Air intake systemDry air filter
    Exhaust systemCatalyst, silencer
    Starter power / voltage5.5 kW / 24 V
    Alternator current / voltage80 A / 28 V
    Emission standardEPA Tier 3 / EU Stage IIIA
  • Drive Train
    Torque converter
    TypeSeries CL 8 000
    DesignSingle stage with Lock-up
    Power shift transmission
    TypeSeries R 32 000
    DesignFour gears forward / reverse
  • Wheels and Tires (for 15 t payload)
    Front wheels
    Rim size10.00 - 24 / 2.0
    Tire size14.00 - 24
    Rear wheels
    Rim size10.00 - 24 / 2.0
    Tire size14.00 - 24
  • Brakes (Service and Parking)
    DesignMulti disk spring brake (SAHR)
  • Steering
    DesignSwivel joint hydr. power steering
    Steering angle± 40°
    Outer turn radius8 450 ± 100 mm
    Inner turn radius4 900 ± 100 mm
  • Steering Hydraulic System
    Pump displacement volume48.5 cm³/rev
    System pressure130 bar
    Number of steering cylinders2
  • Dump / Hoist Hydraulic System
    Pump displacement volume40.5 + 48.5 cm³/rev
    System pressure150 bar
    Number of dump cylinders1
    Body raising, laden7.0 s
    Body lowering, unladen7.5 s
  • Filling Volumes
    Fuel tank220 l
    Hydraulic tank150 l
    Engine with oil filter31.5 l
    Torque converter / power shift transmission36.5 l
    Front axle differential15 l
    Front axle planetary gear2 x 3.0 l
    Rear axle differential18.5 l
    Rear axle planetary gear2 x 3.0 l
  • Electrical Equipment
    Operating voltage24 V
    Battery2 x 12 V / 135 Ah
  • Lighting System
    Main / reverse headlightsLED
    Additional headlightsLED
  • Main Options
    Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)Collision avoidance systems (CAS)
    Central lubrication system (Lincoln)Personnel detection sysetm (PDS)
    Fire suppression, manual / auto (Ansul)Corrosion protection kit
    Open / closed cabinTailgate
    Heating systemSpare wheel
    Camera system (front/rear)