… service-oriented, fast and reliable.

It is our ultimate ambition to ensure a high availability of your GHH vehicles for mining and tunnelling.

In order to reach this target we offer you a wide and well-assorted range of original spare parts for GHH vehicles from our central warehouse in Gelsenkirchen.

Alternatively, for reducing delivery times our customers may access to our decentralized spare parts warehouses in Russia (3x), Poland, India, China, Chile and South Africa for covering their global demand. This network is complemented by the well-assorted spare parts warehouses of our worldwide dealer network.

The stockpiling of our spare parts warehouses is based in equal measure on our long-term market knowledge and product knowledge respectively as well as on the current demand situation. Our scheduling and the downstream logistics conception are accordingly targeted to provide our customers the required spare parts within the shortest possible time and to supply them according to the individual requirements. For this purpose we keep a variety of logistics solutions at hand for you, from the pickup via over-night distributors, forwarding agents, airfreight, and sea freight to courier service.

It is a pleasure for us to support your own prevention measures with special spare parts suggestions for the individual operational conditions of our machines.

For constructions sites we offer our customers furthermore the stockpiling of selected spare parts directly on site..

Our spare parts catalogues include all parts to be serviced as well as repair parts which are required for a smooth operation. With these catalogues and by means of our electronic spare parts book (eDokS) you can always quickly and safely identify the required spare part and order it from us.

Besides a personal support by our staff in the spare parts service we also offer our customers the possibility of requesting the availability of spare parts online as well as placing spare parts orders online (24/7). Please contact us at webshop(at)ghh-fahrzeuge.de if you also want to make use of this option in future.

Your contact person at GHH Fahrzeuge GmbH
Ulrike Daniels
+49 209 38907-310