Heading Machine - HRE

Спроектирована специально для эффективной проходки туннелей и выработок малого сечения от 9 м² до 22 м². Машина HRE обладает следующими преимуществами

  • Проходческий комбайн избирательного действия
  • Гибкая буровая установка,
  • Эффективная землечерпальная машина.

Video (Kopie 1)


  • Applicable in small cross sections from 3.3 x 3.3 m
  • Electro-hydraulically driven
  • Liftable and lowerable loading table
  • Active loading support by means of hydraulically driven gathering arms
  • Transfer segment of conveyor may be independently lifted and lowered
  • Guiding device, e.g. for drilling system
  • Multi-functional boom with horizontal and vertical parallel holding technique
  • Remote control
  • Direct loading in longitudinal axis of the tunnel
  • Hand-operated hydraulic breaker in the front area
  • Hand-operated impact wrench for being applied in the front and rear area
  • Hydraulic quick-changing unit for an efficient tool changing



  • Description

    All components have already been successfully used in mining or tunneling under tough conditions.

    Blast hole drilling as well as charging, loading, scaling and rock support are possible with only one machine.

    Thus any passing situations in tunneling are completely avoided.

    Quick loading, minimal space requirement as well as an optimized switching from mucking to drilling operation clearly distinguish the HRE from conventional systems.

    It is the innovative boom which especially determines the performance. It is fitted with a vertically as well as horizontally working parallel holding kinematic system. Besides the bucket and the drilling unit nearly all attachment devices such as hydraulic breaker and cutter heads may be installed via a hydraulic quick-change unit.

  • Example of use

  • Technical Data

  • Attachment tools – configuration example

  • Options of the electric equipment
    • Power input of conveyor motor
    • Power input of percussion drill
    • Temperature of hydraulics
  • In future – „HRE digital“
    • Position and orientation of the machine in the drift
    • Position and orientation of the drill carriage for exact heading
    • Localisation of the operator in hazard areas
    • Data telecommunication
    • Maintenance planner